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What is White Label SEO?

White Label SEO It is a combination of two words i.e. white label or private label and SEO. In White label SEO simply we provide SEO services under your brand name without revealing our brand name Gossiph. White-labeled SEO also known as Reselling SEO where our team will work for your clients on the behalf of you or your brand name the process includes from the start i.e. from Website Auditing to fulfilled your client’s goals and requirements.

Why We Hire

B2B SEO Agency In India

There are multiple scenarios where agencies need B2B Digital Marketing Agency or B2B SEO Agency

So let’s say your agency is specialized in Graphics Design or Website and App Development or maybe in Public Relation (PR) services and one of your clients want to do smart and advance SEO for their website or maybe for organic online presence.

It’s very good news you got your readymade client without much effort but after sign contract, you have to search for an on-page, off-page SEO expert with the person who has good knowledge of internal and external linking also you need a person who expert in to create a good online presence according to requirement and niche of business or website and yes it’s very taught to hire this much of peoples and handle them. , so instead of hiring, trying to learn SEO from scratch you can partner with white label SEO firm like us. Where we have an expert SEO team to handle your basic to complex SEO projects.

If we consider another scenario some agencies have a good SEO team with a good number of projects sometimes they need to do some outsourcing might because they got some advanced-level projects or they want to reduce their in-house expenses.


Advantages of White Labelling SEO

As we explained in the above points there are multiple benefits of hiring white labeling SEO Agency if you still have questions like, why should you stop using freelancers or part-time SEO consultants? , how white labeling SEO is better than everything in the market? And how it helps you or your agency to boost your Margin positively?

One of the important parts of a partnership between two agencies is to reduce work and increase margin profit together. We have an expert team who take care of your client from the initial talk, strategy discussion to the fulfillment of his/her goals and the best part is it’s all done under your brand name.

As we explained in 1st scenario you don’t have any team to manage or provide SEO services we are always ready to partner with you so your client will never go anywhere for any Digital Marketing Services.

Partnering with us means you don’t need to build your team educated them spend a high amount of expenses on employees and premium tools do some tests and trials on different strategies once you tie up with us means you can take advantage of your existing clients and connections to grow more.

Yah!!! With fewer expenses and load, you can increases your margin positively.

Our team is much capable to rank on top for complex to complex keywords within a short time no matter how many agencies done or try for the same. We have an expert team to reduce your client’s domain spam score in less time.

White Label SEO Pricing

As the best B2B SEO Agency In India we work for direct agencies only. We know the nature of agencies or clients very much. So by considering all of them we have 4 Standard SEO Pricing Models 




Pages Ranked


Backlinks Build

Services Include

Initial Review & Analysis
On Page Optimization
Off Page Optimization
Content Marketing
Local Search Optimization

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Good web development entails having a completely optimised website, which is crucial for getting important search engine visitors. Our team of experts will help you to develop your website.

Website Development

Creative Website Development

- Concept, Ideation & Wireframe
- Web design (Wordpress, HTML)
- Web Tools
- Web technologies


Application Development

- App Strategy
- App Design
- App Development
- Support & Maintenance


Software Development

- Software Development
- Software Maintenance & Support
- Product Development
- Software Testing

Online Business Planning & Setup

Online Business Planning & Setup

- Niche Selection
- Compitation Analysis
- Website &a App Setup
- Marketing Planning

Integration & Maintenance

Integration & Maintenance

- Update Of Modules & Plugins
- Security Checkup
- Speed Monitoring
- Troubleshooting Server Issues

eCommerce Development

eCommerce Development

- Magento
- WooCommerce
- Bigcommerce
- Shopify

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