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Thursday, July 11, 2019

Instagram Influencer’s Hair Falls Out During Livestream After Using Bleach

People know Lori Faith as an 18-year-old who likes changing up her hair often, she regularly posts pictures with her hair dyed in different colors. 

For the most part, she changes her hairstyle by choice. But recently, something shocking happened to her hair.

She shared that she bleached her hair before she dyed it blue a few days before the incident. She has been warned that she should wait a few weeks before using a relaxer on her beautiful locks, she said that she got "impatient" and decided to ignore the warnings and do it anyway. 

Sadly, well you could have guessed it by now, the product did NOT react well to her bleached hair and instead of making her smoother, it came out in clumps.

She tried to comb the product through her hair then she noticed that it was starting to come out in big lumps. All of this was happening while she was live in Instagram. She then ran to the bathroom to wash her hair with water but sadly the damage has been done. 


Later, she then pays tribute to her lost locks on Instagram, she shared a photo compilation of all the different hair colors she's done. 

She never thought that she would go bald however she tried thinking positively about the situation saying she'll now let her hair grow naturally. 

"It’s not a bad thing ’cause there’s a lot of people that are bald, not by choice.

Don’t put a relaxer in bleached hair, don’t even put relaxer at all unless you’re professional, because this is what you will look like." she warned. 

She also shared that her mom has been bald since she was 11.

Her fans were quick to her rescue saying that they love her new look intentional or not.

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