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Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Deadly Disease: People aged 15 to 24 are at higher risk of contracting the meningococcal virus

Did you know that there is a deadly disease that could be spread through kissing? 

Teenagers who participate in intimate activities like kissing are the highest risk of getting the deadly meningococcal disease. 

Experts disclosed that the virus requires to have 'close and prolonged contract' for the bacteria to be passed on, which means sexually active teenagers and young adults are the most susceptible. 

'It more commonly occurs in people aged between 15 and 24 as they tend to be involved in more intimate social activities such as kissing,' South Eastern Sydney Local Health District's Professor Mark Ferson said in an interview. 

While immune systems continue to weaken in the "brutal" flu season as experts call it, Professor Ferson has warned people to know how to identify the symptoms of meningococcal, as it can often be confused with the common cold.

NSW Health’s Communicable Diseases director Dr Vicky Sheppeard said that the virus can cause from something light as nausea and neck stiffness to heavier symptoms such as vomiting, sudden fever and light sensitivity. 

'Most people normally associate meningococcal disease with a rash of red-purple spots or bruises but in some cases, a rash doesn’t appear, or it could be the last symptom to take shape,' she said. 

She said that acting quickly is crucial to getting cured because the bacterial infection can kill just within hours of discovering first symptoms. 

Recently in Western Australia, a 19-year-old teenager from Bidyadanga was forced to have her arms and legs amputated after being infected by the disease. 

She originally thought that she just caught a flu, and was brought to Royal Perth Hospital in an ambulance in September 2018 after her health rapidly deteriorated.

Her limps quickly yielded to meningococcal disease and her legs, right hand, and most of her left hand were amputated. 

The best form of protection against it is to get vaccinated.

Teenagers aged from 15 - 19 can get a free shot in Australia if they missed their school vaccination. 

Meningococcal disease has killed 15 people in New South Wales since January 2017

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