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Thursday, May 9, 2019

Billionaire Spends $1.7 Million On Motorhome With Its Own Garage, Wait Until You Step Inside

When the word "mobile home" pops up, we often don't think of something that's extremely pleasing. But there is a German company is trying to change the way we think about mobile homes. 

But to able to buy a mobile home like this one you'll have to save plenty of money. It is called the Performance S, it is a mobile home model made by the company Volkner Mobile. And is priced at $1.7 million. 


Its actually kinda like a resort on wheels. Though it is 40 feet long, its still sleek and much stylish. Inside occupants may relax on a double bed and use a heated bathroom. It also has a very spacious lounge area where you can chill with your friends. This mobile home also has its own garage where you can bring any car of your choice. 
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Just the perfect for those who like to travel on road but still be able to enjoy having a comfy home anywhere they go. If you love cooking, it also has a full kitchen installed which is just perfect. 

We would love to take this luxury vehicle for a spin but sadly we don't have $2 million dollars wandering around our house. But until then, let's all just appreciate this beauty.

source: viralnova

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