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Tuesday, May 7, 2019

90-year-old Grandma With Possible Alzheimer's Climbs Down Apartment Block

Just recently a heart-stopping video of a 90-year-old grandmother carefully making her way down outside the building. 

She was seen carrying a red cloth bag which had her stuff inside. She used the metal bars of the ventilation shaft as a ladder to help her get down. 

There has been some contrast regarding how many floors the old lady climbed. But she is believed to have climbed out of the 14th floor. 

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The fire brigade in Chengdu, China explained on social media about the incident. They said that she safely made it to the 4th floor where a family opened their windows to let her in, to save her from a deadly drop that might happen. 

Firefighters said they were alerted about the incident at around 10 am, when eyewitnesses called saying that an old woman was "hanging" on the face of the building.

The emergency services were going to put an inflatable mattress on the ground, right under the grandmother, when she got rescued. 

Although her escape was quite impressive, but it's sad that she was locked in there in the first place. Residents of the same building said that the elderly woman has Alzheimer's. A disease which causes you to lose your memory, be disoriented, and have difficulty to reason and think. 

Great news is after what happened, she was moved to the ground floor to avoid such incident from happening again. She's later then returned to her relatives who hopefully will take more precautions to keep her safe.

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